Sunday, 5 February 2012

Relfective Statement for Unit 1

I found that Unit 1 eased everyone into the first term, the Rough Guide project was quite fun and helped people get to know each other which was good. There were a lot more people than I had anticipated which took a little while to get used to. Unit 1 enabled us to have a glimpse at each other’s work and drawings. It was really interesting see other people’s work and realise how everyone sees things so differently to each other, although, sometimes it would be quite daunting and the self-doubt and constant ‘I’m not as good as them’ would kick in, even though I know that everybody has different strengths and ways of doing things and that it doesn’t mean that one way is better than the other. Unit 1 also encouraged us to start blogging. I think my blog can be much better. Sometimes I get into the habit of not updating it one week, then the next week I would have to update it for 2 weeks’ worth and it would seem like a lot and I would try to put it off again. I need to stop that and just get on with it, because I know that when I do make a post that looks good and I design my blog how I like, I get a little sense of achievement. I had a blog on my foundation year that I didn’t (well, I don’t think I did) keep very well because I would upload photos and pictures without any reflections or writings. At the moment I quite like my blog and the writing-to-picture ratio but it is lacking in frequent posts. I hope to keep updating my blog more frequently and make it a bit more personal, to include designers I like at that moment or an exhibition I visited that wasn’t university-related.

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