Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fashion Plates

The lectures we've had recently with Emmanuelle Dirix about the rise of the department stores and brands and women shopping in the 19th Century reminded me of a book a bought before Christmas. I bought 'Fashions and Fashion Plates 1800-1900' by James Laver (on the right) for £3 from Camden market along with the book on the left, which was £1. I initially bought them because I found the pattern covers really interesting, plus I'm a sucker for really old (& really cheap) books but after the last friday's lecture, I realised these were the type of fashion plates we were getting told about. Although this fashion plate was actually made & published in 1943, it has detailed colour tinted drawings inside of fashions of the 1800- 1900 for both men and women, for a variety of occasions. When I'm less busy I'll photograph or scan some of those pages and upload them onto here.

ALSO: the above photo is a bit dark but on the fashion plates book, there are some red/brown stains which look a lot like blood but I'm not too sure, still, I try my best not to touch that part whenever I hold or look at the book!

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