Sunday, 29 January 2012


I had Weave and Knit as my first technical blocks (this blog post is quite a few weeks overdue). Here are some photos I took/drawings of my objects to help inspire the two blocks & a couple of the samples I ended up with. My collection of objects varied quite a bit so there wasn't an obvious connection between them but I realised they all have some kind of dark history/story behind them which intrigued me. I think weave worked really well with the notes of money I had in my collection because the intricate patterns on the notes resemble the patterns made by weaving. Although whenever I tried to make my own pattern from shapes in my drawings/photos, it would come out completely different, so I don't think I quite got my head around the technical side to weave. It was good when you see your pattern/design emerging but I found being on the loom got a bit tedious after a while which I think is why I enjoyed the off-loom, more hands-on parts more such as wrapping objects As for knit, I really enjoyed being able to experiment with lots of different techniques - especially when it got to making things 3D and chunkier, although it would have been nice to have had more time to play around and practise a bit more with the techniques learnt.

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